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DAY 1 – 2: San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos

  • Prices start at approx. €175 for a basic room 

Set in a secluded area of beautiful Paraga we arrived at San Giorgio at around 8pm and were welcomed with open arms. After check-in we were served some prosecco to enjoy whilst we watched the sunset after we’ve been shown around the beautiful hotel – can I just add that this was exactly what we needed after our flight.

As we walked to our room we took in the beautifully lit, incredibly lush gardens that surrounded the hotel. We were then led into our room and wow a feast for sore eyes, indeed. Everything here was so well decorated, beautiful, boho, modern yet vintage. Definitely the ultimate Pinterest and Tumblr hotel! Also the hotel offers a private beach platform, not that this is the only option you have, but if it’s a private beach you’re seeking, it’s there, but also the incredible Paraga beach is nearby where the Scorpios beach club is at is super close by. Definitely worth a visit


Bikini : Mumshandmade

Hat : Bought in Mykonos (Similar Here or below)

San Giorgio Mykonos hotel, breakfast

Upon entering our room we’re greeted by a bed, beautiful hanging straw hats, a huge table in massive wood and the most instagram worthy floor ever.

After getting settled, we stepped outside and walked to the beautiful pool area with lounge chairs + sofas everywhere, palm trees and hammocks. The decoration here is goals. The hotel grounds are levelled and you can take a walk around and find cozy lounge spots everywhere with boho carpets, huge pillows, hammocks and wooden chunky vintage tables. PERFECT!


San giorgio Mykonos-mowoblog

San giorgio Mykonos-mowoblog

San giorgio Mykonos-mowoblog

San giorgio Mykonos-mowoblog, beach, travel blogger


Sadly we only were able to book one night but we are so glad we had the pleasure of staying at this tranquil paradise and will definitely be returning.

It has everything needed for a calm, healthy, lavish and relaxing holiday and my advice to future guests; do yourself a huge favour and indulge in some grilled prawns here. This place is a dream and absolutely gorgeous.



San giorgio Mykonos-mowoblog, beach, travel blogger


DAY 2 – 4: Panormas Villas

  • Prices start at approx. €615 for a 1-bedroom villa with private pool. 

On arrival we were greeted with the most lovely iced coffee which were greatly appreciated after 20 minutes long transfer up and down mountains from our previous stay, I tend to get a bit car sick in hilled traffic due to the sharp swings and bumpy rides.

We were ushered up the tropical mountain to our two-bedroom villa where we were shown around our house. We didn’t waste a minute getting into our lush private pool with overlooking mountain view where we stayed for the afternoon, while happily opening the door to deliveries of amazing pizza. Later on we went by the Panormos Beach and had a meal at the Principote Beach Restaurant. This place is absolutely beautiful and very well decorated. On the pricier side, but you should definitely try a cocktail here.

Principote Mykonos, Beach bar, panormos beach

The lovely staff offered to drive into the town the next day where he dropped us off close to the shore. He we strolled and hung out the entire day. Believe me it was so hot.

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We decided to stay in after an early dinner out and ordered some dessert room service. What a treat!

We slept through our first evening like babies and we took advantage of the holiday sleep in, so we slept till around 9 o’clock.

We had a beautiful breakfast at the common breakfast area near the reception, which allowed us to watch the amazing water glistening in the early sun. We spent the most part of our 2 night stay by the sun drenched pool, reading, and relaxing.

The staff were incredibly sweet and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the beautiful Panormos Villas.


DAY 4 – 6: My Mykonos Hotel

  • Prices start at approx. €103 for a Classic Room or €360 1-bedroom Suite with private pool. 

You guys might have seen my long blog post about this boho luxe hotel already. If not well I’m just going to try and sum it up – FREAKING HOTEL GOALS! The vibe and ambiance here is so relaxed, cool and chilled. We were greeted with the best lemonade that was so refreshing! I think the day we arrived to this stunning hotel was the warmest day during our trip on Mykonos. The temperature reached a whopping 37 degrees celcius, absolutely hot. We were shown to a room that exceed my wildest dreams. I don’t even think my photos or writing will do its justice. You really have to check it out here! Stunning, stylish, elegant, boho, luxurious, trendy and one not to be missed.

When arriving to such an dreamy place of course we had to stay in all day! We enjoyed the sunset close to the hotel where there is the 180 degrees sunset bar in the evening and shopped a lot of liquids in the forms of coke, iced tea as well as buying a huge watermelon to keep us hydrated when sun bathing at our private pool.

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DAY 6 – 7: Rocabella Hotel Mykonos

  • Prices start at approx. €180 for a Classic Room. 

After the previous stay we moved on to the ever so service minded Rocabella Hotel, wow! This hotel has thought about everything! You can check it out here to get the full impression.

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DAY 7 – 9: Portes Mykonos Hotel

  • Prices start at approx. €180 for a Classic Room.

There’s just something about having your own private jacuzzi…

The staff at Portes Hotel were so beautifully genuine, the apartment was so huge, and the privately-delivered breakfast so enjoyable, that we didn’t want to leave. The hotel is beautiful and close to a food market store you can walk to. There’s a huge pool, floaties, beautiful surroundings and everything on hand in your apartment, even a huge kitchen! Will share a post about this hotel soon.

WHERE WE ATE (Rated with stars 1-5)

San Giorgio Hotel Restaurant ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

We stayed at the San Giorgio Hotel the first night we arrived. Since we arrived pretty late we didn’t want to bother to explore just yet, so we decided to stay in(best decision made). When you walk into San Giorgio you’re greeted with an eyegasm of beautiful boheme charm. The staff are beautiful and friendly and the meal was stellar! We had grilled fresh prawns for share as a starter. For the main course I ordered the Lamb Chops and my sissy got the lamb lasagna. The meal was beautifully served and definitely gave us high expectations for our future myconian restaurant visits.

Star Rate  ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Insta Worthy  ☆☆☆☆☆

Principote, Panormos Beach ⋆⋆⋆⋆

The design and decor here is to die for! So bohemian and picturesque. Situated right at the Panormos Beach this place is convenient for anyone planning to visit the beach. The drinks menu is amazing. Theirs a huge variety food wise, but quite pricey if I must say. I would definitely recommend only going for a drink here, the food wasn’t the best in the world given the price, but enjoying a drink, soaking in the amazing ambiance and chill by the beach is definitely recommended.

Star Rate  ⋆⋆⋆⋆

Insta Worthy  ☆☆☆☆☆

Kiki’s Tavern ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

This place you’ll need to arrive to before they open, because the place is fully booked the entire day. Probably one of the island’s most in-demand restaurants with people queuing for up to 4 hours to eat, all food is uniquely cooked in a wood fire outdoor oven as since they use no electricity. The complimentary wine and serene atmosphere make the wait a lot less painless. Food is incurred

Star Rate  ⋆⋆

Insta Worthy  ☆☆☆☆☆




  1. Sunset walks (180 degrees sunset bar) – such a stunning, soul opening experience
  2. Visit at least two beaches
  3. Walk & Explore, Mykonos is beautiful. The old town is amazing and there’s so much to see. We exhaustedly explored the town, because we got lost a few times but it was just worth it!


A cute dress

A hat




  1. Dresses & Skirts, Mykonos is incredibly hot so anything flowy will help you catch that breeze easier 🙂
  2. Strong sun screen, the sun here is quite a tough one
  3. Sandals, comfy ones for that matter, you’ll be walking a lot, since there’s so much to explore.


This trip was by far the most picturesque place I’ve been. Gosh it’s beautiful everywhere. I just can’t get over the fact that everything here just screams Instagram. Mykonos has it all. The island combines that amazing chilled, relaxed yet partyish vibe so well. There’s something for everybody here, also the people are beautiful and incredibly friendly. Also we want to explore the Cyclades a bit more, so next time we’ll definitely jump on a ferry and go to such as Santorini, Naxos, Elafonissi & Milos.

Since we’re planning to come back: I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions for us for our next trip (hopefully next year) I’d greet them with open arms! :))




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