Villa with a view – Panormos Villas


Another breathtaking place from Mykonos for you guys. This place I feel like shows a total different vibe of Mykonos as well as a different side of this beautiful island. Panormos Villas is located high up on a mountain overlooking the most epic scenery in my opinion of Mykonos. It’s close to the trendy Principote beach club and 7 minutes away walk from the Panormos beach. Our villa offered mountain and sea view which was truly magical.


When searching for a accommodation you have to know how I always search for a cool, trendy, modern yet vintage places I can stay at and shoot. I’ve made it my mission to bring to you the most beautiful places and Panormos Villas is no exception. We arrived early and was warmly greeted by the hotel owners. They made amazing suggestions about what to do and what to see and helped us plan out our stay here in Mykonos, which we were very thankful of, since to be honest I hadn’t done the most in depth research of Mykonos before jumping on the train. After chilling and enjoying an iced coffee at the breakfast area we were driven up the mountain where our villa was located. Truly an experience itself to take this walk since it allowed us to really get to know the island on a different basis than earlier. We were shown to our villa, which was a HUGE 2 bedroom villa with 2 floors, a private pool we shared with 3 other guests, a fully equipped kitchen allowing us to cook our own meals(we didn’t 🙂 roomservice were the most home cooked thing we had haha) and located at the very top so we had the most magnificent sunset view in the evening.  This place made us feel like home from the start, we enjoyed the privacy of having our own entire villa and were chilling out by the pool as well as on our balcony, indulging in some much needed relaxation. There was something about this place that truly calmed my nerves and made me relax to the fullest. The first day was spent reading books, visiting the Panormos beach and getting a hiking workout which I really appreciated!

Hope your summers are amazing and that you’re having the best time!






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