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    CANNES TRIP 1.0 – Hotel Barrière Le Majestic

    breakfast, majestic grand barriere cannes

    breakfast, majestic grand barriere cannes, le fourquets, lunch, lobster, mowoblog, fashion blogger, danish blogger

    breakfast, majestic grand barriere cannes, le fourquets, lunch, lobster, mowoblog, fashion blogger, danish blogger

    breakfast, majestic grand barriere cannes, le fourquets, lunch, lobster, mowoblog, fashion blogger, danish blogger

    Le Majestic Barriere, Cannes

    Cannes, Le Majestic Barriere,

    Le Majestic Barriere, Cannes, hotel in cannes, cannes hotel, best cannes hotel

    Cannes, Le Majestic Barriere,

    CANNES – Hotel Barriére Le Majestic

    Hello loves! In the end of march when we visited Cannes we stayed at the most serviceminded home-away-from-home hotel called Hotel Barriére Le Majestic. After jumping on a flight from Billund, DK to Cannes we were picked up and went directly to the hotel. Our welcome was amazing despite a hectic day for the most friendly staff. We were shown to our Suite Prestige with a huge terrace which was really amazing. It was on a higher floor, situated just above the pool and you could see the beautiful beach and the main street that would lead you to the location of the Cannes Film Festival. All in all amazingly perfect breakfast view, if you could imagine.

    When I think about Cannes the long Croisette with its amazing seaside and luxury fashion boutiques would instantly pop into my mind (Okay, I did my research, since this was both mine and Martin’s first trip to Cannes). The hotel is actually located at the heart of the Croisette and few steps away from the Port and the Cannes Festival Pavilion. There are 350 rooms at this majestic hotel, which you wouldn’t expect because it is so calm and peaceful.

    Every morning we had amazing breakfast in our suite unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best when we visited so we weren’t able to do the breaky on our huge terrace which was quite a shame. We were so spoiled by the staff who first helped me set up the breakfast table on the terrace but we later agreed that it might be best if we sat inside due to the wind. The best part must definitely have been the hot chocolate. I’m such a child, but this hot chocolate is one not to be missed – hot chocolate the french way as I would call it!

    We were so lucky to be able to enjoy two of their restaurants while staying there – Le Fouquet’s and La Petite Maison. Lunch was at the amazing newly renovated Le Fouquet’s which had so much charm and french vibes to its interior. I enjoyed one of my favourite lobster dishes of all time for lunch(!) and Martin had the best meal of his life, which was a beautiful dish called Deviled eggs. He still talks and dreams about at current moment (hope you guys saw my insta stories) 🙂

    While staying at the hotel we endeavoured in some unique and magical experiences. Here are our highlights:

    1. We joined a pastry class creating chocolate tastes the french way in french(!) haha. This was definitely a fun and charming experience I’m glad I was able to have with my beloved one.
    2. Visited some extremely phenomenal suites, including the famous Dior Suite. This suite has iconic Dior patterns and is so elegant.
    3. Was lectured in the arts of cocktails by the most passionate man ever who takes care of their Aromatic Garden. This was definitely unique to hear about. We also got some cocktails and a little souvenir. Martin got so inspired by Emmanuele so now he wants his own herb garden on our terrace at home in cold Denmark (hilarious right!?)
    4. Perfect dinner and lunch experience, despite the bad weather during our stay but we were able to enjoy the sun for a few hours before leaving. We decided to have our lunch by the pool on our last day which was definitely one to remember(see last photo below). Oh another memorable one – their iced tea in the most photogenic glass ever!
    5. Experienced for the first time a true wine tasting with their sommerlier
    6. Had the most perfect spa session before departing. This was so relaxing and made me want to stay there forever.

    Besides that the hotel is top notch and offers amazing surroundings and staff it’s definitely possible that you’ll spot your favourite movie star at the hotel during the Cannes Film Festival here in may. Wish I could be there during the festival. Everything is easily accessable from the hotel including the main walking street and restaurants/cafes but we just stayed at the hotel the whole time and were only out shopping shortly. Since the weather was not as good as I had hoped(prepared full on summer clothes, haha), the hotel experience was one of my best. I realised how important your hotel stay is when you’re in a situation where the weather isn’t on your side. We were never bored and Le Majestic offered so many activities that allowed us to get the full on Cannes experience without having to leave the hotel, which is quite an accomplishment. I really hope to stay at this magnificent hotel again.

    Some of you guys have asked me for tips and where to stay in Cannes and this will definitely be my first choice of recommendation! I was so spoiled by the staff that were always so helpful and everything was thought of down to every detail. I hope you guys will enjoy Cannes as much as I do and I’ll definitely encourage you to stay at Le Majestic. I decided to name this Cannes 1.0 because this will NOT be my last trip there.



    Cannes, Le Majestic Barriere,

    Le fouquets, cannes, le majestic

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