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Winter is officially here. We saw the first sights of snow this christmas weekend and even though it was just a tiny bit, I still got overly excited. I’m not a huge fan of winter but since I live in the northern hemisphere, I  just have to accept the gloomy and colder days and find a way to embrace them. My way of embracing the scandinavian weather and greeting the winter is by wearing grey layers. There are tons of ways to wear your favourite winter essentials. When I consider my winter essentials, this grey coat from Zelle Studio and grey knitted sweater comes to mind. And in my opinion, the only way to wear a loose fitted grey coat is by pairing it with a grey sweater and some ripped denim jeans. The grey coat kind of reminds me of a similar one from Acne Studios, so of course this coat is a must have in your wardrobe, this is a huge compliment to Zelle Studio for nailing the quality, fabric and fit so flawlessly it translates to a true outfit elevation. I’ve always believed that quality comes over quantity and this will be the only grey coat I’ll need as part of my essentials. Quality things simply look better and last longer, which I’m sure these pieces will. When I shot this outfit two random people even bothered stopping up and telling me what an amazing coat it was, so once again my Zelle Studio pick has turned out to be a hit.

   Zelle Studio    – Coat        Zelle Studio     –     Knit Sweater    
Asos – Jeans Luana Italy – bag
Senso – Sneakers



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belle-studio-grey-coat, grey coat, acne studios look alike, acne studios coat, coat, acne studios,
zelle studio blogger, zelle studio coat

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  1. February 23, 2017 / 12:40 pm

    Amazing outfit!! I love grey on grey, and those shoes are gorgeous!! So you did a perfect match. I love your style!

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