Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday that I was the one spending days, weeks, months on preparing for my exams and now I’m seeing my baby sister graduating from highschool in a few weeks. On top of that my brother in law is graduating from college. And I need to find a graduation gift for both of them.. Everybody panic!














Daniel Wellington Dapper Sheffield Watch– Dunia Algeri Atelier Cardigan, Zara destroyed hem jeans, Slingbacks – & Dior 





























A watch is the perfect graduation gift and a perfect symbol of how time flies by and how important it is to be on time when you’re all grown up and have to get out there in the real world. And I really love what it does to an outfit that you add a watch that is both classy and modern. I solved both graduation gifts with watches from Daniel Wellington, because I love their timeless designs and the thought of offering a graduation gift that will last for years. So 10 years from now when my baby sister is on her way to work – probably being too late – she can take a walk down memory lane, when she takes a look at her watch.



I borrowed one of the watches to take a couple of photos and I’m not really sure if I want to give it away. Probably have to though. It just makes me feel so organized and punctual, even though I’m really not. At all. But maybe that’s exactly why I should consider getting a watch of my own.. If you’re like me and prefer to try on the watches, you can find the nearest authorized Daniel Wellington reseller by using the store locator.






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