Knit season – Weekend knitwear part I

 Denmark officially stepped into fall this past week by letting the temperature drop to below 15 degrees Celcius, meaning it’s definitely time to pull out our chunky knits. In october I will each week share with you some knitted looks…


Off The Shoulder

We?re in a monochrome era and I couldn?t be happier, but black and grey can border on boring so you have to make a little extra effort to make the look interesting. This can be done by playing with different…

Favorite looks


70’s vibes – Flared jumpsuit

This season I’m all about the flare. Wavy-straight hair, minimal makeup, and wide leg jumpsuits. What is this? I always loved a 70?s look. Minus the abundance of colors, and maybe a bit less floral, so here’s my take on the 70’s.…