Bali, Indonesia


Bali has been on my bucket list ever since I started Instagram. To be honest my horizon travel wise was quite narrow before getting into the Instagram game, I only had a few places on my bucket list, but with…


Mykonos Outfit Guide

SHOP THE POST / LOOK / 1st look: Bandana star top : Verge Girl Denim shorts : Levi’s Shoes : Zara 2nd look: Off shoulder top : H&M Denim Shorts : Levi’s Shoes : Zara 3rd look: Dress : Winona Australia Shoes…

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Favorite looks

Mykonos, Greece

Luxe boho – My Mykonos Hotel

  “MY DREAM HOTEL – LUXE YET RELAXED” Have you guys enjoyed your weekend? I sure did! Do you remember the My Mykonos Hotel I stayed at? Some of you might have seen a few pictures coming by on Instagram, but here is the…


Villa with a view – Panormos Villas

  Another breathtaking place from Mykonos for you guys. This place I feel like shows a total different vibe of Mykonos as well as a different side of this beautiful island. Panormos Villas is located high up on a mountain overlooking…

Mykonos, Greece

MYKONOS Pool Day – @Rocabella

  HELLOOO long time no talk, I’m sorry for being the worst at sharing my photo journeys, I’ll definitely get better since I feel like I have so much more to show you guys than what is shown on Instagram, so…